P: Knjiga Field Grey Uniforms of the Imperial German Army

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P: Knjiga Field Grey Uniforms of the Imperial German Army

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Avotrja Michael Baldwin in Malcolm Fischer
Field Grey - Uniforms of the Imperial German Army, 1907-1918
272 strani, trda vezava in ovitek, stotine čb in barvnih fotografij.
Knjiga je nova!
Cena 130€
Kratek opis v angleškem jeziku:
This book is the culmination of many years' work from two authors who have "lived and breathed" the subject for the past forty years: one, a military antiques dealer of international standing; the other, an extremely knowledgeable collector of German World War I uniforms and equipment. Using mostly never before published period photographs as well as a wealth of highly detailed color studio photos of tunics drawn from one of the world's greatest private collections, it is an absolute must for any collector of World War I uniforms. Indeed, for any collector of German World War I memorabilia, laying out as it does in a very clear and precise way, all the variations of tunic, their origins and usage. This reader-friendly book will help guide the novice and experienced collector alike through the often difficult and confusing information on the subject.

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